ADVstringgrid printing


I'm creating an ADVstring grid where I've used


to remove the grid lines and


to create cell borders where I want them - creating boxes etc.

This all looks OK on the screen but when I print, the cell borders are all there and I have no boxes.

I am asking it to fit to page if that's relevant.

Hope you can help.



Also, even though I'm calling the printer setup dialog, it does nothing if I select the Adobe PDF printer.

Please set:

grid.PrintSettings.Borders := pbNoborder;

Hi Bruno

The problem with pbNoBorder is I get no borders at all.

The boxes I've drawn with gridGetCellBorder that appear correctly on the screen don't get drawn on printed output.

What I want is to print what I see on the screen - no borders EXCEPT where I've drawn them through gridGetCellBorder.

Best wishes


Assign your OnGetCellBorder event handler to OnGetPrintCellBorder as well.