[AdvStringGrid] Fit text in cell


I want to fit a text in a cell. I do not want to have multiline.

Regarding to TMS TAdvStringGrid Developers Guide pages 97-98, I tried some properties but text is always truncate:

  AdvStringGrid1.AutoSizeCol(1) ;
  AdvStringGrid2.AutoSizeColumns(False) ;
  AdvStringGrid3.AutoGrowCol(1) ;
  AdvStringGrid4.AutoGrowColumns(True) ;
  AdvStringGrid5.AutoFitColumns(True) ;


Attached you have my project.
Stringgrid SizeCells.zip (6.8 KB)

Thank you for your advice

The problem here is not auto-sizing. The auto sizing is correct.
The problem is scrolling. The grid scrolls on the basis of columns, not pixels. So it can scroll one column right and that is what happens.

Thanks for your answer Bruno.

How can I get all my text visible in that case ?


  AdvStringGrid1.ShowHint := true;
  AdvStringGrid1.HintShowLargeText := true;

and the large text will become fully visible when you hover the cell.