Problems on Install

Cannot compile my existing Projects any more. Problems come up with error-message ITMSTones and TColorTones that seems not to be declared/missing....

Anyone else with problems ?

Thanks !

ITMSTones can be found in AdvStyleIF.pas.
Please scan your full hard disk for old versions of AdvStyleIF.* and delete all old version files.

Happens Delphi 10 Seattle - not on XE6.

Just create a new VCl-Application, drop an TAdvGlow-Button on the form and run.

AdvGlowButton.pas(415): E2003 Undeklarierter Bezeichner: 'ITMSTones'

AdvGlowButton.pas(670): E2003 Undeklarierter Bezeichner: 'TColorTones'

AdvGlowButton.pas(2579): E2003 Undeklarierter Bezeichner: 'TMSDISABLEWITHCOLORSATURATION'

Can you search for AdvStyleIF.pas in your installation folder and verify if ITMSTones, TMSDISABLEWITHCOLORSATURATION is present?
If it is present then Delphi 10 Seattle compiles with a different version. Please look at your library path to make sure there are no old files being used for compilation.

Hi Nancy,

you're right - there was another AdvStyleIF.pas (coming from an TMS-Intraweb Installation I made for 10 Seattle). I removed this file (although it was "newer") and my VCL-Projects work fine again.

Sorry for inconvenience caused and thanks for quick Support !