Problems after installation (

C++ Builder XE 6

After installing TMS Component Pack I cannot compile any of my projects.
[ilink32 Warning] Warning: unknown heap name   : 0x08000000 / 0x08000000
[ilink32 Warning] Warning: Error detected (LME288)

Setting Link with runtime packages has no effect. Switching to 64 bit compiler also has no effect:
[ilink64 Error] "ilink32" exited with code 2.

It is unclear what is causing this.

When you create a new project and drop a TMS component on it, is this working?

It's not working. Now it will not compile even if I create a new VCL Forms Application (just empty form without components). It's like everything's gone to hell. Cannot use C++ Builder at all.

I cannot see how our packages can cause this but can you try to disable these package (via menu Component / Install Packages) to see if this affects the problem?

After searching through google I found out this is a C++ Builder issue that can be sometimes triggered  after installing 3rd party components.

The only solution worked for me was to run CMD as administrator and write the following:
bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

..and after reboot everything works fine.