Problem with overlapping tasks

I use a TPlanner to display tasks that could overlap. Sometimes I have 1 task going for example from 6am to 6pm. Then another task goes from 8am to 10 am and a third task from 11 am to 1 pm.

The problem is, that the Planner displays every task in a way as they are all in paralell. So every task is diesplayed only in a third of the width. Normally it should be displayd in half the width, because there are only 2 tasks overlapping at a time. This can get really annoying, when you have 1 long task and besides that many short task, that overlap with the long task, but not with each other. Then every task displayed just in a very small width.

Is there any property I could set to avoid that or is there now way to avoid that?

I wrote my post during the installation of the latest version of the Component Pack was running, not thinking, that this old problem will be fixed just right now in the current version.
After the install of the latest version I wanted to make a screen print of the problem to upload it here, but then I saw, that the problem has been fixed.
Seems that it works great now.

Sorry for not having made the update before posting, 

Thanks for confirming all is ok now.

You are welcome.

It is realy crazy. I had to deal with this problem for a very long time now. Yesterday I had a complain from a customer about that and after that I decided to ask in the forum, just to discover, that the problem was just fixed with the latest release.
Many thanks to the TMS team for doing such a great job, making our job a bit easier.