Change in behaviour for DBPlanner?

I recently upgraded my Component Pack and recompiled an application using DBPlanner v3.4.5.0. My customers have reported a change in behaviour for overlapped items and I can't seem to find how to revert it back to the previous behaviour.

In previous versions, overlapped items looked like this:

After recompiling, it now looks like this:

And here's an extreme example:

AllowOverlap is set to True in the DefaultItem and in the FieldsToItem method.
Please help!!

Laurence Bevan
New Zealand

I have retested such scenario here with demo 26 but I cannot see this behavior.

Do you have more details how this behavior can be seen?

Hi Bruno,

I couldn't run Demo26 but Demo21 produces this if I turn Overlap = True and DefaultItem.AllowOverlap = True. The project is compiled in Delphi7 and the behaviour is the same on Win7, Win8.1 and Win10.

Is there a display setting that allows side by side?

Laurence Bevan
New Zealand

We found an issue that affects older versions of Delphi.
We fixed this and can confirm the next update will fix this.

Thanks Bruno, I'll watch for the update.