Problem With Engine.DlgSaveProjectAs

I have a problem with DlgSaveProjectAs.
Normally when you useSaveAs this mean that you don't want your project modifications to the actual file but to another file.
The problem when you call DlgSaveProjectAs it calls InternalSaveProjectAs(true)
So then IDEEngineSaveFile event is triggered then IDEEngineSaveDialog is fired.
This means it save first the file then it ask for the save dialog to show.
I think that it should be InternalSaveProjectAs(false).
Am I wrong ?
Best regards


That flag indicates that the other project files should be saved before the project file is saved. DlgSaveProjectAs is supposed to change the file name of the project, not of all the other project files.

The behavior is actually the same as Delphi one.