Problem with edComboList

Hello Everyone,

we Ugraded to the Current Version of VCL Components and since the update the Editor edComboList in TDBGridColumnItem will not load any ComboItem.

Is there anything new to change that we didn't find ?
Version of TDBADVGrid is

The old Version was Part of TMSPack

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Thomas Selders

I retested this here with the ADOEditing demo where I changed for the country column the editor to edComboList and it loads the comboitems without issue.
See demo:

What are you doing different?

The difference is that if the Property ComboItems is used it doesn't work.
But if I use the Event GetEditorType with the following:

AEditor := edComboList;
dbgrdArbeitsplaetze.Combobox.Items.Add(' ');

It works just fine, any Ideas?
If I don't use the Event the ComboBox is just empty.

Sample without event handler works as well here: 

Your Example is working just fine without the Event on my machine as well.

I compared every setting but didn't find any differences in the Grid or Column Object.. still not working without the Event.

Is this a lookup field you use? If so, it gets the combobox data from the lookup field.