Changes to Combos or in-place editing?

I recently updated my project to using the Component Pack, and I am now seeing some odd problems where I am using a TAdvCombo or a TColumnCombo an in-place editor. Some of the idiosyncrasies have been resolved with minor code changes, but some are proving resistant to my efforts. Were there recent changes which might have led to this observation?

Also, as I have not had occasion to try this before, I must ask: If I re-install an older version of the Component Pack, does it remain a true snapshot of its release date? I ask because it always reports that it is downloading files.


Supplemental to my earlier note: One of the issues I am still fighting is in the TColumnComboBox. On first entry to the grid cell in question, I use our own locate routine to set the ItemIndex to the correct item according to the content of the cell. In debug, I see that this routine is working correctly. I see that the ItemIndex is set (for example) to zero. Yet in the grid, the control is empty. When I make a selection--of the same item from the list--and then move to the next cell, the edited cell contains the item selected. When I then go back to edit in that cell, the locate routine finds and sets the SAME ItemIndex value, but this time the control displays the text which is in that item. This very odd behavior in a form which was fully functional two weeks ago, and has not been altered since, is disturbing, and the only change I am so far able to identify is the updated components.

  1. What was the previous version of the components you used? With respect to editing, the only change that was done quite some time ago was the requirement to move combobox initialization code from OnGetEditorType to OnGetEditorProp (reason is the extra capabilities for always visible comboboxes)

    2) It would be helpful if you could contact us by email with some sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem. Without knowing property settings & exact code, it is very hard to guess what might go wrong in your project.


Thanks. In the meantime, I found that it was the need to move to the OnGetEditProp handler many things which had been working fine. I believe I was on before this.