Problem loading components after installing test version of xData (TMS Business object)

After having installed the TMS Business objects launching Delphi comes up with several errors.
See pictures below.

As a result most of the Business objects are not accessible.

I am using Delphi 11 on a Windows10 machine.

To be precise; I am using the test version. It is my intension to move from Datasnap to an xData server!

Which exact Delphi version are you installing the trial version to?

Sorry, I did not read your message carefully. It's version 11.0 and I also installed two patches.

The are already updates for Delphi 11.0 You should install those, as there might be binary incompatibilities between the versions. The trial version was compiled with version 11 update 1 (28.0.44500.8973).

I'm moving this topic to XData category as this is not a feature request.