Printing problem


I wanted to print a grid with cells that contain HTML Text.
All works fine, except when I use Indent tags, the printed version of the grid is a mess.
I have a grid with a number of rows with something like that:
 AdvStringGrid1.Cells[0, 1] := 'AAAAAAAAA: <IND x="80">aaaaa';
In the grid on the screen I see a space between the AAAAAAAAA: and the aaaaa
When I call the TAdvPreviewDialog I also see the space, but when I print it, on the paper the aaaaa is printed over the AAAAAAAA beginning on the 5th A.

Is there a known bug, or am I doing something wrong.

It is easy to reproduce. Just use the Uasg39 from the grid demos and replace in line 62

  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[0, 5] := ' This is a long text to show what is possible with TAdvStringGrid v2';

  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[0, 5] := 'AAAAAAAA <IND x="180">aaaaa';

There is a known issue with indenting.
The issue is that for display on the screen, the value for the indenting is in pixels.
As the DPI for printing is completely different (and much larger) than screen DPI, the measurement for indent for printing would have to be completely different. At this time, the HTML engine cannot handle this automatically unfortunately.

Is there a workaround for it?

Only quick work-around I see is to temporarily, during printing only, replace the cell HTML with an indent value that is much higher (adapted for the printer DPI)

O.k., thank you, I will give it a try.