TAdvStringGrid problem with font in header

I have successfully added a logo and some text to my printed pages, using the ASG9 example.
But for some reason, the text I am printing to the right of the logo is very small.

In your example you are printing with :

  canvas.textout(r.left,r.top,'Printed with TAdvStringGrid');
  canvas.textout(r.left,r.top,'showing how to add a bitmap in the header');

In your program this text shows up in a larger font than the grid.  In my program it shows up in a small font.  Nowhere in either program can I see where the canvas font is assigned.

Am I missing something easy ?

OK, I finally found it.

Grid.PrintSettings.Font needs to be set.
I have a button on my form to let the user change the font, but it needs to be passed down to the PrintSettings.

Thanks anyway.  I'm really happy with AdvStringGrid, it's a powerful tool.

Thanks for reporting & your comments,