Previous/Next/Done buttons and tab order

I have an IPhoneRegion with a number of TIWComboBox and TTIWIPhoneEdit controls on it. They are not grouped together - ie I have a combobox, two edits, two comboboxes and finally another edit.

When the user starts to enter data on this screen in the first combobox, the IPhone Previous/Next/Done toolbar pops up just above the keyboard. When using the Next button the focus moves down the screen through all the comboboxes before returning to the first edit and then moving through the edits. It does not step through the controls in the order they are laid out on the screen.

I have set the tab orders of each control from top to bottom but this does not make any difference.

How can I make the Previous and Next buttons step through the controls based on their tab order?

Thank you.

This issue has been fixed in the TIWiPhoneEdit control.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW iPhone Controls Pack.

Thank you Bart.