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For a project, I make use of the Continuous Scroll component. I've got multiple forms, one of them contains a continuous scroll with buttons added dynamically, out of which one of the buttons calls a second form which contains another continuous scroll component.

When the second form is called, it functions correctly; the continuous scroll works, the OnFetchNextPage works, etc. Now comes the problem: after closing that form using Close; the form goes away, and I get back to the main form with the main continuous scroll. However, this time, the main continuous scroll OnFetchNextPage event doesn't work, and when trying to open the second form again, that continuous scroll doesn't work anymore as well.

To reproduce the problem, I duplicated the Continuous Scroll demo. I only added a button which calls the second form the same way I do to call my second form:

  Form4 := TForm4.CreateNew;
  Form4.Popup := True;
  Form4.Border := fbSingle;

I suspect that this way to call a form which contains a continuous scroll component is wrong, because in the reproduction, after calling the second form, both forms stop working.

I gladly accept any help.

Kind regards.

ContinuousScroll.zip (2.0 MB)

Forgot to add the project, here you go


The demo is quite complex. The reason you experience that the forms "stop working" is an extra SPAN element that is added on top of the popup form that blocks any interaction. While it's not clear what adds this SPAN element, after removing it manually the TWebContinuousScroll works without issues.

I created a simplified version of what you did with 2 forms and 2 TWebContinuousScrolls and I don't see any issues. Project1.zip (7.5 KB)

If OnFetchNextPage is not triggered anymore in your application, then you need to check what are you doing differently.


The project you sent me works correctly. However, it doesn't suit our conditions. We need the continuous scroll to work under WidthStyle and HeightStyle = ssAuto. The project you sent me works under ssAbsolute, which doesn't show any problem.

I'm resending the project you've sent me. This time it is set to ssAuto. You will see that the continuous scroll stops working. Could you please look at this issue?

Kind regards.

Project1.zip (1.4 MB)


You did not mention the ssAuto setting before. We were able to solve this, the next update will contain the fix.

Yea exactly, my bad.

Thank you for the upcoming fix.

Can I ask for the fixed code in advance? We want to book progress, but we can't bring out beta versions this way.

Another question, where can I find the source code of the TWebContinuousScroll? For example, I'm looking at the event definitions, but they appear to be empty. Can you point me into the right direction?

Kind regards.


Please check your private messages here on the support forum for the updated source.
You should be able to find the source files in your WEB Core installation folder under the Core Source folder.

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Thank you very much, 10/10 for your time, effort and speed :)

Kind regards,

Fatih Dagdeviren

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