Possible error in inheritance

I have a project and I migrated to the new Padua. After that, it worked differently. Looking for the error, I decided to do a test project. To my surprise, everything worked fine. However, when I closed the Delphi IDE and then reopened the IDE and the project from them, the test project was working the wrong way, as with my project.

Maybe I'm interpreting wrong, and in Web Core the inheritance does not work like in Delphi, in this case I need a clarification of how to proceed.

I could not attach the sample project and nor images here.

An important point I noticed: A form that is inherited from another Base does not allow you to change the name of any component that already exists in the Base form.

Cause of the error: In the Base form, when we create an event, this event is named according to the Delphi rules. For example WebImageControl1Click. If in the new form that was inherited from Base I click to create a new event, this will come with the same name, that is, event as the same name of the Base event. In this case, the Base form event ends, not the current form event. So to solve, I have to create event with different name from the Base form.

Another point: The inheritance is not being executed. Even creating an event with another name, the "inherited" does not execute the code that is in the Base.

Sorry for the big explanation.

We didn't make changes between Verona and Padua.
Was this working different before?

We're investigating if we can support this specific level of form inheritance in TMS WEB Core and will report.
Yes. It worked before.
And I think many will find that important.
If not support, better put in the documentation.

I'm getting watery.

Thank you.