Form inheritance

I wanted to test part of the visual form of the form, but my project does not appear in this menu:

in mine it looks like this:

how to solve this?

I'm sorry, but I do not understand your question.

What exactly means "I wanted to test part of the visual form"?
When you double click this unit, it should open the form designer with this form opened in the IDE.
It behaves this way here and you should also see this behavior when opening any form of our demos.

Sorry I expressed it wrong. I would like to use form inheritance, but the menu does not appear for me.

Is this the latest version v1.6?

I just create a new TMS WEB Core project with v1.6, and from the form, I can do:


Yea this was tricky for me too when I came across this situation for the first time.

If you want to inherit from a web form, you have to open the form first. After opening the form, you should see the button.

Kind regards.

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