Please add ODS read/write to FlexCel

[Missing product 'FlexCel' in combo box on this page]

I'd very much like to have the possibility to read/write ODS (OpenOffice/LibreOffice) files in FlexCel. Is there any hopes for that?

Thank's for considering.


There aren't plans for ODS in short term, even when it is something we consider for middle term.

We really wouldn't want to spread FlexCel to too many things, and end up supporting thousands of things but none well. So at the moment we like to stay focused in the best possible support for xls and xlsx.

One thing we might be adding before full support could be "read" support, I wonder if that would be enough in your case. We see more need of reading support (because you might be getting your files in ods and can't open them with FlexCel) than writing support (because you can always save as xlsx and LibreOffice/OpenOffice will open the file fine)