Flexcel on more than 1 million rows

If I'm not wrong, max number of rows and cols in flexcel is the same as in ms excel.

Since I'm looking to stress flexcel to the top (using cloud-grid systems to find necessary ram) I ask: is it possible to have a different ratio between max number of rows and cols?

Because if it is strange (for me) to find a table with 16.000 fields, it is possible to work with more than 1 million rows.

I would like to switch between 1mio X 16k and, say, 10mio X 1.600 ore even best 100mio X 160.

Obviously, that is not intended for excel reporting. It would be to open an entire world of programming for large data computations on powerful cloud systems.

Flexcel supports the same nr. of rows & columns as the .XLSX file format supports.

This feature will not be implemented.