Planner item click on border

Hi when i click on left or right side on the border of an item event OnItemRigthClick and .. left don't fire ? why ?

2° : there is anyway to disable the effects when i click on its border ? i dont want to have any update on db table ... in other words if i click on the item border time is set on 00.00 !!! 
Thank u

A left border click on the border starts a PlannerItem size operation, therefore it is handled different than just a left-click in its client area (similar to what happens with a regular form)

What exact effects do you want to disable? A click on a border doesn't trigger an update, only when the item is actually sized.

> A click on a border doesn't trigger an update
I think yes because if i set a different start or end time that planner.displayunit support ... a time is changed !

If you just perform a single click on the border, it will NOT cause a change of start & end time.
Of course, if you click & drag the border, its start or end time will change, which is by design.

No if i click simple on the border change me the time ...sure !! check your self : put a date time with a displayunit that oppose date time setting .. (ex dispun = 1440 and time 12.48) if u want i send u some images for that by mail ...

I can only assume you do not fully explain the problem as I cannot reproduce this.

Test on a default Planner:

procedure TForm5.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

procedure TForm5.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  with planner1.CreateItem do
    itemstarttime := encodetime(8,30,0,0);
    itemendtime := encodetime(9,45,0,0);
    itempos := 0;

Clearly, the start & end time are different from Planner default timeslot units but clicking the border WITHOUT dragging, does NOT change the start and end time.