DBTimeLineSource and item end time

hi i've a problem with a planner linked to DBTimeLineSource to manage items. When i move or resize an item : the end datetime go to the next day.

Example :
if i select 2 days in sidebar and create item i've : 03/05/2014 00.00 -> 04/05/2014 00.00. and i adjust end time to 23.59 its ok !
BUT if i move that item for 2 days i've  05/05/2014 00.00 -> 07/05/2014 00.00. ITS WRONG ! i must expect 05/05/2014 00.00 -> 06/05/2014 23.59. !!
Can u help me ?

I retested this here and when I enter a 2 day item, the reported time is 03/05/2014 0:00 - 05/05/2014 0:00.

When you move an item, it always adjusts to the time of the timeslots where it is moved to. If your Planner has a time resolution of 1 hour (default for TDBTimeLineSource), it will round the time to 1 hour when moved/sized to new timeslots. This is by design.