Easy question: how to resize planneritem

Using XE7 and Planner version

After creating my project by pasting the planner control from demo project 1, I am unable to resize a planneritem.

In the configuration part I have:
  DayPlanner.DirectMove := True;        
  DayPlanner.DefaultItem.FixedPos := False;          
  DayPlanner.DefaultItem.FixedSize := False;        

And I create items in the planner using only ItemPos, ItemStartTime, ItemEndTime, and Text.Text

I can move the items clicking and dragging, but not resize them. If I put the cursor near the border, the mouse changes to a North-South cursor, but does not resize, only move.

What else do I need?

There must be more than this. I retested this with a default Planner on the form and the code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  plit: TPlannerItem;
  Planner1.DirectMove := True;
  Planner1.DefaultItem.FixedPos := False;
  Planner1.DefaultItem.FixedSize := False;
  plit := Planner1.CreateItem;
  plit.ItemBegin := 2;
  plit.ItemEnd := 10;
  plit.ItemPos := 0;

and I cannot see any issue to resize the item.
Please provide more details how this can be reproduced.

Your code is the same than mine.
So, I deleted my actual TPlanner control and inserted a new one from the tools panel and with the same above code I can resize the item.

But I do not want to edit the item when I click in the item when selected
So I do:
   DayPlanner.EditOnSelectedClick := False;

And with this option disabled, I go into the initial problem. That is, I can move the item, but I can not resize it.

How can I resize the item, and not to edit the item when I click on it when selected.

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.