Performance going down


using a very simple Chart construction again, i was quickly disappointed.

Still the x-axis got the property values

Series.xaxis.majorunit = 200000

Series.xaxis.minorunit = 200000

Pane.Range.RangeFrom = 5600000

Pane.RangeTo = 6800000

i was expecting a scale starts at 5600000 using 6 steps.

The values are displayed but the Performance is very low, something

like the control calculating a Loop about 6800000

whats going on here?



The chart is allowing to customize some elements such as the X-Axis and for some purposes a loop from RangeFrom to RangeTo is necessary. It's unclear why you want to display 1200000 points in a single chart area? We will investigate here if we can improve this behavior.

Kind Regards,