TMS Chart real-time performance question

Recently, I started evaluation of FMX charting component(s) to replace the current one, from Steema, which is currently being used in several our projects. 

The key question here is realtime performance. For instance, I would like to manipulate and output line|histogram series, consisting of considerable (approx. 10K points each) amount of data nodes, which, in turn, may relatively rapidly change its values over time (3-4 times per second).
Steema component, despite its code is full of legacy API, and is overall bloated, in my opinion, handles the real-time drawing with ease, due to advanced internal optimzations, both in data access, and FMX GUI rendering.
Could you provide some descriptive demo, showing the real-time capabilities of your charting component?
In addition, it would be nice to know, if there is any easy-to-add charting primitives, like clickable|draggable lines, areas, or other shapes.
Is click-on-chart | click-on-point functionality supported?
What about zooming|panning?
Thanks in advance.


the TTMSFMXChart completely recalculates/repaints it's series whenever a change is made to one of the properties. We have maximized performance in terms of calculation, but are still depending on FireMonkey for drawing. Text calculation / drawing and rounded rectangles take the most resources. It's difficult to provide a demo with real-time updates because it depends on the data, where it's coming from and how the chart is configured to display it. 

There are no limitations in the trial version except for the trial message so I suggest to take a look at the demo's / documentation and see if you can get the performance you need when starting in a new project from scratch. Zooming / panning and clicking on a point should be supported and is explained in the documentation.

Kind Regards,