Flexcel 5.3 Wrap text problem in PDF

The wrap text is working fine in exported xls, but when i export PDF directly from flexcel 5.3, it doesn't work,

Are there any setting to handle it?

Wrap text should work fine when exporting to pdf, but what FlexCel doesn't do by default is to autofit rows. To fix it:

If you are using XlsFile, call:
before exporting to pdf.

If you are using reports, write this tag:
<#Autofit Settings(All, keep, 100)>
Somewhere in the template sheet you want to export.

Autofitting is a complex theme, if you want more information, please read "Autofitting Rows and Columns" in UsingFlexCelApi.pdf, and take a look at Demo\CSharp\Modules\20.Reports\85.Autofit  
Adrian Gallero2012-02-24 02:55:31