PDF convertor issues


We have found such issues during the export of Excel reports to PDF using FlexCel:

1) PDF converter can't process correctly a numeric value, if the format of containing cell is set to Fraction. After FlexCel update to version 5.7, the issue still present.
(Workaround: if you need to present some decimal value as a simple fraction, it's necessary to convert it to string explicitly; the cell format must be STRING, not fractal numeric.)

2) PDF converter can't process correctly a value that is calculated in the Excel sheet by some complicated way.  
Following our investigations, the resulting PDF file contains an incorrect value if an error occurs somewhere in the calculation chain (even if this error is handled using ISERROR function and there is a correct final value). It's just a hypotesis. Perhaps when FlexCel processes such cell, it may use some incorrect value (may be intermediate one).



About 1), indeed, sadly fractions are not supported by the rendering engine. We don't have short term plans to support it either, because sincerely there is virtually 0 demand for it (this is the first time ever I get a request for it) and implementing it can be quite complex (since fractions aren't by definition unique, and for example 1.25 might be 5/4 or 1 1/4 etc.

About 2) we aren't aware of any issues with the calculation, but you need to be aware that calculations aren't 100% the same, since .net does floating point arithmetic slightly different from  Excel. This means that a calculation might return say 0.0 in one and 0.000000001 in the other, and if you have a formula like:
=if(a1=0;1;2) this might end up in Excel choosing 1 and .net choosing 0 or vice versa, and from there the calculation chain might end up in completely different values. If this is the case, you need to have some tolerance in the formula, because both Excel and FlexCel might introduce small errors in the floating point operations and not end up with the exact result.

The other reason you might get different results is in some functions that have undefined behavior, like =vlookup(..., true) if the values aren't ordered. In this case, the return value isn't defined (because it is a binary search over an unsorted range) and we can report values different form Excel.

If it isn't any of those cases, please send me a file that shows the problems you are having to adrian@tmssoftware.com and I'll take a look.


Hello Adrian.

Thank You!. We made few workarounds to fix the issues.
In case any new problems we will send you a file.