PDF and Excel Export comments

Hi All,

PDF: In the current version it is possible to decide to open the pdf in the same window as the webapplication. What would it take, programmingwise in my program, to assure it opened in a separate windows ? I mean, if I open a separate tab, or maybe a separate browser, and use the handle to that as "webapplication". Would that be a possible solution ?

When the Autosend param is false, the PDF is saved as in the same folder as the exe file, unless the filename is with a path, in which case it is saved there. e.g. The users TEMP folder.

When running the application as a SA service on a server, the user is a service and users do not have access to the folder with the exe file. I use a url to a fileserver location (e.g. \\file\appdocs\doc.pdf) and it is working. PDF files are stored in a commons place, but with separate names so the users can identify them.Still not perfect in large companies where you might want to create a PDF without other users being able to read the contents. If the PDF file being "AutoSent" was "downloaded" in stead, at least the user would be able to use Save As to place it in a private location.

EXCEL: With ExcelExport, there is similar, yet another problem. Here the filename parameter can only contain a filename, and the path is preset to users TEMP folder. On IIS and as a SA service, this is not good, as the user do not have access to that folder. For Excel the user can choose between open, save and save as, and with save as, save the sheet at a local folder. However, the function still saves a file on the server, and I'm wondering if that would cause conflicts if 2 or more users executes ExcelExport at the same time. And eventually it will fill up the server, as files are not deleted by the application, but has to be deleted manually by admin.

So in short, there are 3 problems I hope to have "fixed" in the next release.
1. PDF: Be able to open the PDF in a separat tab or new browser window.
2. PDF: Be able to select Save As when setting AutoSend to false and
3. EXCEL: Be able to define a path together with filename

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Your suggestions have been added to the feature request list.
We'll have to investigate if these can be implemented in a future version.