Excel with Comments - Export to PDF with Comments showing

I am able to Export to PDF the xlsx file. Great. However, when I add a visable comment, I wanted the exported PDF to display the comments (showing up) on the PDF. I can do it in plain Excel (Print to PDF), but can you provide a code snippet of how to do it in Flexcel VCL.

I can't see that behavior in Excel: If I print or "Export to pdf" a file with a visible comment:

The pdf generated by Excel doesn't have a comment at all (not even hidden that you can show):

FlexCel exports the comment, but closed:

I am not sure if we can do something about this (I don't think comments in pdf can be automatically expanded), but I'll investigate. But it would be interesting if you post a file that Excel exports to pdf with comments so I can get a better idea of what's going on, and be sure I understand the feature request correctly.


Flex Comments.xlsx (11.0 KB)
Test Excel with Comments.pdf (236.9 KB)

I hope you can see what I am doing.
Add text in Cell
Insert Comments
right Click - Show comments
Page Setup - Show comments next to cell
MS Print PDF - name file

Thanks, I was missing the "As displayed on sheet" property. From what I see, Excel is just printing the box, not adding a comment to the pdf file (which still shows 0 comments). I'll study what can be done. It would be simple to print the comment boxes directly (in fact, we have code to avoid printing them), but I don't like the fact that those aren't real pdf comments.

Let me check if there is a way to display the comments, but keep them as pdf comments, not rectangles.

So, it sounds like we can duplicate printing it as a rectagle to a PDF file. Is that correct? If so, could you provide me a snippet of the code that turns that flag on? I am using your sample unit UExportPdf and XLSToPDF procedure works great for most of my purpose until I had a request to print the comment box onto the PDF.

Sadly the flag is not public, it can't be changed from the outside. We'll see to add a public property to allow this, or find a way to have the comments open in the pdf.

That would greatly be appreciated. Is there a way I can be notified if and when that happens?

I will likely write here when it is implemented. But if I forget, the simplest way to get notified of new releases is to watch the tag: Topics tagged flexcel-vcl-release

Just click on the bell icon and you will be notified of all new releases.