One more grid excel issue...

Hi All,

When exporting to Excel (and PDF) the "busy" symbol, the circle of dots, is shown, and where it disappears after exporting to PDF, it stays after exporting to Excel. Regardless of whether one chose Open, Save, Save as or even cancels the operation.

When returning to the browser, e.g. after closing Excel, the page is frozen and no controls react. The browser is alive and a Refresh works, and after accepting the data is sent again, the screen and grid reappears. and everything is active again.



I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Does it also happen in the TMS IW FeaturesDemo?
This might be related to how your browser is configured to handle XLS/PDF files.
Hi Bart,

No, it does not happen in the FeaturesDemo, and yes, it happened for both Edge ad IE 11 which are the two I've tested so far.

So I took it all apart (form as Text), comparing FeaturesDemo.GridExport unit to My.Test unit, line for line, and found a difference in the Export buttons Scriptevents for the OnClick event:

return true;

After putting that in my export button, it works :-)


Thanks for notifying the issue was resolved.