Partial data loading

I think, I have read it somewhere but I don't know where.
It was a video, but where ...

We actualy use TMS XData and Aurelius on server and a VCL-App with Devexpress Quantumgrid.
The data comes over XDataClient.List<TType>('$filter)

2 problems
1: We want load big data (without filter before show grid). Perhaps, we can load data partial into a local table
2: We want  to use the same technic for our new development for FMX and Web (without Quantumgrid)

Do you have a little help for us?


Hello Thomas,

You should use XData paging, i.e.

for example, will skip the first 100 records and take the next 50 (101-150).

You can put that data in an Aurelius Dataset to use data aware controls. However how to go to the next page is up to your user interface or your visual controls, if they have events for paging you can perform a new request to get a different page. Otherwise you should put buttons in your user interface for next/prior and do the paging yourself (close the dataset, get the proper page, set data in dataset, reopen dataset).