FNC Grid

Hello friends,
Is it possible with FNCGrid to do paging together with TMS Aurelius?


TAureliusDataset provides data as any other dataset. You can use its dataset mechanisms for fetch-on-demand, or you can simply close/reopen the dataset for the next page. 

Not sure if you are looking for a specific feature?

Oi Wagner, na verdade não tenho dúvidas sobre o TMSAurelius. Minha pergunta é se com o FNCGrid eu posso fazer paginação como DataTable JQuery.

Hi Wagner, actually I have no doubts about TMSAurelius. My question is whether with the FNCGrid I can do paging like DataTable JQuery.

If you mean the way we use jQuery Datatables in the music demo, there is nothing much about data tables in there. As I mentioned about FNC, we just request a new page from XData server, close the dataset, put data, and open it again. So you could do the same with FNC because in both FNC and datables (the way we use it) it's manual anyway.