Hello, the pagination in version has an error.
and now in version the error persists.
you can access the link below and scroll the page to the end that will see the error.
except that in version 1.4 this error does not occur.

Password: 123456 (2.7 MB)

I attached a video and left a server with the example of the online video.

In the following url:

I am also sending the sqlite bank used for testing if necessary.

We need to know what code you use so we can reproduce this here.
With our List Controls demo for example, we cannot see an issue with the TWebListControl when it is in pagination style.

I don't use any code, the component makes the code automatically! Did you watch the 1 minute video I sent you?

I made a video with 10 clicks without typing any line of code demonstrating the error.
If you follow this video the error does not occur there for you?

We have fixed this issue.