Hello, the pagination in version has an error. as attached image. how can i correct?

Remembering that my project was generated automatically by the web core.!

I suggest to send a project with which we can test this here so we know all details (properties / code) involved.

follow (954.6 KB)

I reinstalled the component from scratch and the paging error still occurs.

Please isolate this problem in a one form project without server.
We need to be able to investigate this in an efficient way without all complexities and config you have in this large project.

I took the time to prepare the project as you requested and the error is there in your hand. this error doesn't even need a project, just follow a step by step that you can replicate yourself. with any database with enough data to have pagination the WebCore creates a system identical to the one I sent you replica this error. at first I am using version 1.4 that does not have this error is when a correction comes out I update, grateful for your attention.

I asked for a project that shows this issue out of the box.
In our demo, the pagination control works as expected.