Pagemode swiching

I am using MySQL as database.

In the TDBAdvGrid i what to sort and edit at the same time.

but i leaned:
Editing: PageMode must be TRUE
Sorting: PageMode must be FALSE  (sorting by column header click)

How to combine both in a smooth why?

Now i try to toggle PageMode TRUE/FALSE by using the
  if GrdMyqHupEd.PageMode then GrdMyqHupEd.PageMode := false;

and the
 if not GrdMyqHupEd.PageMode then GrdMyqHupEd.PageMode := true;

But now the data in the grid refreshes / reorders in a wrong way.

What am i doing wrong?

With grid.PageMode = true, perform the sort at dataset level as demonstrated in the TDBAdvGrid samples ADOSort / BDESort.