DBAdvGrid without selfsorting

I want my DBAdvGrid to sort like my "SQL-Command order by" and not to sort anything by its own.
Which properties should i set to do that?

In the demo under Demo\DBAdvGrid\CDSSort, you can see how built-in grid sorting vs dataset sorting is performed. From the dataset sorting, you can modify this to sort by the ORDER BY instruction in your query.

The Demo CDSSort do not say very much to me.
The only Difference i see is that the second Grid has a OnCanSort Event with DoSort:=False;
Is PageMode important ?

How do i see the differences in the Properties of the two Grids? or what Setting is not the Standard-Setting.

If you do not want to have the grid to sort on its own, follow the example of the bottom grid. PageMode can be true in this case. Implement OnCanSort, disable this way the internal grid sorting and invoke a dataset sort from this event.