Drawing on the WebGMap

Has anyone managed to draw on top of the map with standard FMX canvas methods (DrawLine etc.)? I would like to draw things that are not possible with just the Google Map polygons, markers etc.

I have tried drawing directly on the canvas of the WebGMap component, but nothing is visible. I have also tried to put an Imagecontrol on top of the WebGMap, but that doesn't show either.

(By the way, a LatLon to XY function would be very useful for such drawing).

Thanks a lot!!

Did you try to polylines?

In this pdf, http://www.tmssoftware.biz/Download/Manuals/TMSFMXWebGMapsDevGuide.pdf
on page 43, you can see how you can draw lines.

Thanks, but polylines are not enough for my application. I would like to draw things like ellipses, Bezier curves, text, etc., so I would need the whole set of FMX canvas methods. Is there a clever trick?


Unfortunately there is currently no built-in functionality available to draw on the map except for Polygons and Polylines.
As a workaround you can try using custom marker images to place image files on the map.