OneDrive & OneDrive Business


is it possible that the component only supports OneDrive and not OneDrive Business?
The problem is I can't login in OneDrive with my business account.


According to the Microsoft documentation the OneDrive API is shared between OneDrive and OneDrive Business.

Unfortunately we currently have no access to a OneDrive Business account which means we have not been able to verify this.
Can please provide further information about what is going wrong during login?

If you have a business account and you insert your mail address in the authentification window you will get the error 

E-Mail-adress not found.

And if you try to register your mail address you will get the following answer (translated from german to english):

You cannot register here with a business or school e-mail address. Use a personal email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo!, or request a new Outlook email address. You cannot register here with a business or school email address.  Use a personal email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo!, or request a new Outlook email address.

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Thank you for notifying us about this issue.
We'll have to investigate if support for OneDrive Business can be enabled or added.

Hi Bart,

Did you advance on this request ? We have the same problem with business account integrated in Office365. We really need of this functionality for ours clients.

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Unfortunately we haven't been able to advance on this request yet due to the current high workload caused by other ongoing projects.
Further investigation on this request will be made as soon as we have been able to allocate sufficient development time.
Hi Bart,
Thank you for your reply. I understand, but could you please analyze the cause of the problem in the next few days to see if it's just an parameter adjustment or if it's a new development.

It would be frustrating to wait weeks or months only to adjust a parameter...

Thank you,

We have already found out that it is much more involved than just changing a parameter.

The full scope of the work to adapt this will easily be multiple days. 

Is there any news on this issue?  My onedrive business and personal accounts have the same login but when I login using this component I do not see any of the directories or files from the business account.  I see a few files but I they appear to be from the old personal account I don't use anymore.

Also, is there a way to directly login without any user interaction?

- Adding support for Business accounts is still on our feature request list but unfortunately there is currently no timeframe available.

- A one time login is always required as per the OAuth 2.0 specs. Once an access token is available it can be persisted, no user interaction is needed for as long as the token remains valid.