OneDrive, Windows Live problems


I have created a new application following your instructions at:

I'm trying your LiveCalendar, Contacts and Storage demos but can't login using the application Id and secret. I'm getting a 'request can't be completed' page. If I right-click the webbrowser and click properties, this is the detailed response I get:

The provided value for the input parameter redirect uri is not valid. The client application must be marked as mobile or the value must be an absolute URL which matches the registered redirect URI

I added as redirect uri when creating my app in Microsof Developer site. I also tried to add that url to the callback url in Live/OneDrive components, leaving it blank, etc with same effect.

What am I doing wrong?

It is important that the redirect URI specified in the cloud app setup at Microsoft is the same as the callback URL configured via the component.App.CallBackURL (and when needed also the HTTP callback port is set correct (default 80 or 443 for HTTPS))


I have checked it and tried with diferent redirect URI and correct port, but the problem persists.

Only if I add 'Mobile Platform' in the Microsoft application panel it seems to work (at least I can login).

BTW, the login page in the AuthBrowser doesn't ask me for email/password. It directly ask me for granting the permissions, so I can't change login account. Maybe a related problem?


- If the login page is not displayed in the AuthBrowser this means you are already logged in with a Microsoft account on IE or via TWebBrowser.
You can logout with the Logout call which is available for TAdvLiveCalendar, TAdvLiveContacts and TAdvOneDrive.

If we enter the URL via browser works the API login


we are also Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft says the services are running

I have retested the CloudStorageDemo for OneDrive here and i cannot see a problem. Login is successful, retrieving the tree is successful. 

You might ask Microsoft why it is responding with an error for your API key and you can perhaps also try to delete your browser cookies in case some bad value got into the cookies.

We have no chance
We have tested on different systems
Can you send us a compiled demo?