OneDrive login error


There is an issue with login process on OneDrive drive

This problem apear starting with version

I test version and this one appear to work correctly

Please help!


Can you please make sure to set ExternalBrowser to true?

Yes, ExternalBrowser is set to True

Assuming you are using a callback url similar to: "":

Can you please change the callback url on both the Microsoft console and the component to a local url like for example "".

This change was necessary to enable external browser support which is starting to becoming a requirement for the OneDrive API.

Same result:

"We're unable to complete your request
invalid_request: The provided value for the input parameter 'redirect_uri' is not valid. The expected value is a URI which matches a redirect URI registered for this client application."

Can you please make sure you are using an indentical URL (including port number) for both the app configuration on the Microsoft console and the App.CallbackURL property of the component?

Also the App.CallbackPort should match the port number from the URL.

If the problem persists, please provide the exact URL you are using so I can further investigate this.
I don't know what I did, but suddenly it works, hmm...

On Azure

Redirect URIs: http://localhost:8000

In App:
CallBack Url:
CallBack Port: 8888

Thanks for the assistance

If you use the FMX Cloud component and the ExternalBrowser option then you have to define definitely the 

Callback Url: http://localhost:8000/
Callback Port: 8000

Then the component will get the requested information from browser on localhost.
Yes, it work

Thank you!

I have the same problem.

What value to define in URI redirection on Azure and in the App paramter of the cloud component ?

Indeed, I had stayed on the old configuration which did not use the web platform. I started over from the beginning, and now it's working. YEees