One more grid question..

Hi All,

I'm sorry if you are getting fed up of all my questions. I promise you I almost there now and only have few left.

have managed to get a dynamic grid filled with data, and almost all the
options I want to put into it is working as I hoped for from start.

now have a grid with multiple pages, and an ActiveRow which is colored,
is currently row 0. Rowheaders colored and clickable to allow the user
to select the row and thereby a value to work with. It can be a customer
no, being used to get the customer data, a plate no. to get car
registration details and so on. Clicking the Column header will sort the
grid accordingly and an edit field can be used to further limit rows in
the grid, by clicking a button.

All I need
now is for the user to be able to move the ActiveRow up and down in the
grid and instead of clicking the rowheader with a mouse, be allowed to
select the value pressing a Button (or a keypress combination like F5).

do I get the active page opened up so the arrow keys on the keyboard,
or the wheel on the mouse, moves the colored ActiveRow up and down in
the grid page ?

I hope it is possible as it is
the last hurdle (apart from an error with PDF export I have already
reported) I'm facing with the AdvWebGrid.



Please note that there is currently no built-in functionality in the TIWAdvWebGrid to move the ActiveRow with the arrow keys or mousewheel.
Hi Bart,

Thanks. I'll have to try to find a work-around :-)