OnClick event in FNC Planner/WEB Core

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I looked in the FNC Planner documentation (https://download.tmssoftware.com/download/manuals/TMSFNCPlannerDevGuide.pdf) and couldn't find information about the OnClick event.

I'm using FNC Planner in a WEB Core project, when I add some code in the OnClick event, it is fired kind of randomly, sometimes the click action occurs, and other times the action is not executed.

When I use the OnItemClick event, the operation is perfect, whenever I click the defined action is executed.

What is the correct way to use FNC Planner's OnClick event in WEB Core projects?

Thank you in advance for your help.


The OnClick event is triggered when clicking everywhere in the planner. It is a standard control event. The OnItemClick event is available to detect clicks on items. What exactly do you want to achieve with the OnClick event?

Hi @Pieter!

Thanks for the feedback!

My goal is to run/load a fully customized form to add new appointments to the calendar; the default item editor doesn't serve me and I'd like not to run it, I'd like to call my own form.

So, that said, if I could intercept the default editor call and instead of displaying it, display my form, that would also solve my problem.

I am thinking of alternatives, but if there is a possibility to accomplish what I want, that would be very good.

Thanks again!

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You can use the OnItemClick for that and just disable the editing. then in the OnItemClick, you can start a modal form to edit your item details.


Yes, to edit the items I can do it this way, I disabled item editing, as you mentioned, and open a custom form of mine with options for the user, including item editing.

But my problem is when creating an appointment in the calendar, because, as it's a new appointment, the item doesn't exist in the Planner yet, so my first thought was to use the OnClick event to call my form, but as mentioned earlier, it doesn't I can have good control using this event.

Just remembering that my project is FNC Planner with WEB Core :)


ps: Google Translate detected :slight_smile: