FNCPlanner "onHeaderClick"

There is no "onHeaderClick" function in the FNCPlanner as in the VCL Planner.
Is there a way to simulate this by other means.
To recognize a mouse click in the header, there is only "PositionAnchorClick". But then the header text is not so great visually. How can I recognize a header click without using Position Anchor?


You can use the XYToPosition function that returns the position under a specific mouse position. This can be used directly from the mouse events

Hi Pieter,
I can't find a "xyToPosition" function in FNCPlanner? Only one xyToPositionAnchor exists. Unfortunately, I can't work with.


We'll roll out an update next week. You can expect this function. We'll see if we can add a click event to work with as well.

Ok. Thank you Pieter for the information. Then I wait for the update ;)