OAuth Callback


I try to test how working Oauth.
I use your demo to test Slack
I obtaining an application key and secret from Slack account.

For CallBack URL is not permited anymore to using HTTP protocol, is required HTTPS.
So, for CallBack URL, I can't use
Setting CallBack URL to is not working.

I missing something?
How can I handle this situation?

We are aware of this issue, more and more services are requiring the HTTPS protocol. Unfortunately the cloud pack is currently not adapted to handle this. We are looking for a solution.

For Windows, we have a solution embedded. for the other platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Linux) it's currently unclear how to proceed. We are using an Indy server and this works with OpenSSL 1.0.2, which only has 32 bit libraries for Android & iOS. Which platform(s) are you targeting?

Right now I need only for Windows (32).

Thanks for your quick response.


I've sent you incremental source update (check your private messages). Extract the zip file and override the sources in the TMS FNC Cloud Pack installation directory. Clean & rebuild your application. Please let me know if you have compilation issues.

If not, then add https://localhost:8000 to slack as a callback URL. Add this as the CallbackURL property of the slack component and proceed as if you would add a non https URL. After connecting to the service, the service will redirect to the https://localhost:8000 callback URL with the token, in debug mode ,you will receive an SSL error in the IDE (ssl_routines ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert certificate unknown), just click on continue. Go back to the browser to accept the certificate once. The service should now connect. (The error should not popup in release mode).

Please provide some feedback if the above steps are working for you.