NSView how to use gesture event


I drop an NSView on a form and put a showmessage in the OnGesture event, and dropped an TGestureManager on the form. I then select the gesture manager in the NSView and select a few of the gestures in the Touch property of the NSView. I try and get the gestures to trigger but it doesn't work. Anything else I should do? Or does anyone have a sample?


The NSView is a real native control, and does not respond to the OnGesture event. We would need to implement this separately. We have added this on our todolist.

Hi Pieter,

Is there any way to get an event on the NSView? All I'm after is a click and double click, and maybe right click

Dave Ninnes

Currently no, the NSView does not expose touch events, we would also need to expose that through events.

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Ok, Thanks.