Handling Events

I am trying the following with NSToolbar:

1 - Add a toolbar and create 3 items (buttons) using the "Items" property
2 - Add event handlers to each sub item
3 - Testing the event handling works
4 - Add 3 NSViews to the form and assign each one to the View property of each sub item
5 - Event handling is no longer working
6 - Add a handler to each NSView OnTap event, still event handling is not working

How can I handle the click events if I assign an NSView to the NativeNSToolbarItem?



There is currently no event to detect clicks on an NSView, the NSView is currently a container for other controls. The OnClick event of the toolbar button will not be triggered as this is consumed by the sub NSView control assigned to the View property. Is there any reason you need an onclick event handler on the NSView sub view?

Yes, I am not using Bitmaps on the toolbar items, I am using a view that I custom draw it by overriding it's OnDraw handler...


We have exposed the OnClick event that is triggered when clicking the view, the next version will address this.