NormalCellLayout Font color ignored?

I was producing a new color style for the TMS grid and noticed that I couldn't seem to change the font color or styles (bold, etc) for the NormalCelllayout? Is this a bug or is there some other way to change the font color in NormalCelllayout?

Did you look under NormalCellLayout.Layout.Font / NormalCellLayout.Layout.FontFill? 

I am using Layout.FontFill.Color,  I change for example the fontFill to Crimson but the displayed text is still black. I can change the font color for the other elements such as fixedcelllayout but not for normalcalllayout. I think its the only fontfill one I've not been able to change. 

Can you try by turning off columns with TMSFMXGrid1.UseColumns?

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