TTmsFmxGrid FixedFont


I am facing an issue with TTmsFmxGrid since version of TMSPack for FireMonkey with the FixedFont property added in columns. 

TTMSFMXGridColumn.Create set the FixedFont.Style to Bold.

In Grids with SelectionMode set to smSingleRow, in selected cells, the text is bold.

I tried to fix this editing the grid style without success. The only workaround i have found is to modify the FixedFont.Style of all the collumns in the grid initialization code.

(working with Delphi XE5 update 2)

Kind regards.

Any idea ?

All properties of the column are only applied at the normal state of the cell. Each state appearance can be set separately. The columns at designtime are currently helper properties to set up the grid. You can also access the FontStyle programmatically and you can disable using columns with TMSFMXGrid.UseColumns to false.

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