No visible components after installation?


I just bought and installed the latest Cryptography Pack in RAD Studio 10.2 (Tokyo). But, I cannot see any components? TMSCryptoPkgDXE11.bpl is installed but there are no components inside it. Is this by design or something went wrong with the installation?

Hello Zeljko,

Nothing is missing as there is no "visual" component.

You simply need to uses the classes as introduced in the various demos with the "uses" or "include" clauses for the approrpiate .pas or .hpp files according to your preferred language.



Then I made an oversight. What I expected were non-visual components
that I can place on the form and set their properties in object
inspector. I already have it like that with open-source DCrypt library
where each algorithm is represented with non-visual component, but they don't support new algorithms and are pretty outdated.

I would appreciate that you take similar approach since it is time consuming each time to look for examples just in order to see what headers and classes I need to use and what properties I need to focus on, when simply dropping a component on the form solves all those problems in no-time.

Also, now I see that I need to use and distribute RandomDLL.dll with each Win32/Win64 application that uses Cryptography Pack classes?

Your demo was set to compile as Win64 application so it required RandomDLL.dll. I see it is not needed for Win32 platform.

Thanks for implementing your classes as components! Now it is much easier to access and to use them.