No pictures display in FlickrDemo


I'm trying the FMX Flicker Demo with Rad Studeo 10.2.3 and FMX Cloud  It displays my albums and picture names appear in the photostream dropdown, but I don't see any pictures.  Is there something else I need to do?


We are not aware of any issues with the TMS FMX Cloud Pack Flickr Demo.

Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- Which platform(s) does the issue occur on? (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
- Please state the version number of the platforms where the issue occurred.
- A LOG file containing the data from when the issue occurred. To enable logging set Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail. The LOG file is generated automatically in the machine's Documents folder.

Windows 10, RadStudio 10.2.3, FMX Cloud, win32 debug

log file:
20180410T071456:HTTPS GET:
20180410T071456:HTTPS GET RESULT:{"user":{"id":"29303264@N06","username":{"_content":"wayanr"},"path_alias":null},"stat":"ok"}
20180410T071456:HTTPS GET:
20180410T071457:HTTPS GET RESULT:{"photosets":{"cancreate":1,"page":1,"pages":1,"perpage":3,"total":3,"photoset":[{"id":"72157692361667912","primary":"2737392396","secret":"5023ac4b36","server":"3095","farm":4,"photos":1,"videos":0,"title":{"_content":"Set title"},"description":{"_content":"Set Description"},"needs_interstitial":0,"visibility_can_see_set":1,"count_views":"0","count_comments":"0","can_comment":1,"date_create":"1523369556","date_update":"0"},{"id":"72157694572399834","primary":"2737387912","secret":"c34cb297e8","server":"3168","farm":4,"photos":1,"videos":0,"title":{"_content":"FirstTmsSet"},"description":{"_content":"Set Description"},"needs_interstitial":0,"visibility_can_see_set":1,"count_views":"0","count_comments":"0","can_comment":1,"date_create":"1522964646","date_update":"0"},{"id":"72157606567930893","primary":"2737392396","secret":"5023ac4b36","server":"3095","farm":4,"photos":2,"videos":0,"title":{"_content":"don"},"description":{"_content":"Peter Warner's East Sierra trip"},"needs_interstitial":0,"visibility_can_see_set":1,"count_views":"0","count_comments":"0","can_comment":1,"date_create":"1217986500","date_update":"1522965118"}]},"stat":"ok"}
20180410T071457:HTTPS GET:
20180410T071457:HTTPS GET RESULT:{"photos":{"page":1,"pages":1,"perpage":100,"total":"2","photo":[{"id":"2737392396","owner":"29303264@N06","secret":"5023ac4b36","server":"3095","farm":4,"title":"EastSierraJulAug 003","ispublic":1,"isfriend":0,"isfamily":0},{"id":"2737387912","owner":"29303264@N06","secret":"c34cb297e8","server":"3168","farm":4,"title":"EastSierraJulAug 001","ispublic":1,"isfriend":0,"isfamily":0}]},"stat":"ok"}

From the LOG file data it seems like the list of pictures was retrieved correctly but no request to display a specific picture was made.

Can you please make sure the "ListView2" control has its OnClick event assigned and that you selected a picture from the list?

Thanks for the reply.  Neither CloudListView1 or CloudListView2 has any events assigned.  I have the basics working in my own app now and probably won't need the flickr demo as a reference.  Perhaps before the next release, you could check all event assignments.  I had a similar problem with the picasa demo that was also fixed with an event assignment.  I haven't used other cloud objects yet, but probably will soon.  A working demo is a big help getting started.  Other than that, I'm very satisfied with tmssoftware.

The issue with the events in the demo was caused by a change in the FMX framework beyond our control. You should be able to assign the OnSelChanged event to display the photos.
The next release for TMS FMX Cloud Pack will contain an updated version of the demo where this is fixed.