Newbie RemoteDB Server Deployment Question

I have written a basic RemoteDB Server application, following from the examples, with a BaseURL of http://+:80/test.

Now I want to test-deploy it on an AWS instance I already use for other web-server functions.

I am not clear on the steps I need to take. Resetting the BaseURL, opening the firewall on the server (?) changing security settings on the AWS Instancem in the AWS Management Console.

Is there any example of how to work through these steps?

Hi @Brett_Adam1, welcome to TMS Support Center.

In summary you need to:

  1. Reserve the http://+:80/test in the AWS Windows instance: Http Server | TMS Sparkle documentation

  2. Open port 80 in AWS Windows instance firewall (or, alternative, authorize inbound access to your application executable specifically)

  3. Authorize inbound traffic through port 80 in your AWS instance: Authorize inbound traffic for your Windows instances - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

That should be enough for you to access your server through the AWS instance IP address.