New release TMS VCL UI Pack v10.5.1.0 available

What's new:

  • New : TPictureList can automatically load SVG images from a folder too
  • New : TPictureList.ThumbnailSizing property added to control whether it performs automatic stretch, shrink, both or none on pictures
  • New : OnFilterEnter and OnFilterExit event added in TAdvSmoothListBox
  • New : Emoticon support in smooth controls HTML engine
  • New : TAdvSmoothFilter Font property introduced
  • Improved : TAdvSmoothPopupTouchKeyboard Font property published
  • Improved : Special character support in smooth controls HTML engine
  • Improved : SVG drawing quality
  • Improved : Added check with VCL styles if tab color is different from text color in TAdvOfficePager
  • Fixed : Issue with handling buttons with badges on toolbars
  • Fixed : Issue with opening TAdvSmoothPopUp for second time on different DPI
  • Fixed : Issue with runtime VCL style changing in TAdvOfficeTabSet
  • Fixed : Issue in TAdvOfficeStatusBar with StretchPanel size on high DPI.
  • Fixed : Issue with TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup when dataset is in Insert mode
  • Fixed : Issue with RTF generation with multiple hyperlinks
  • Fixed : Issue with selection event being triggered when programmatically selecting an item in TAdvKanbanBoard
  • Fixed : Issue with code folding when no memo syntax styler is assigned in TAdvMemo
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